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Our video creation services will get your competitors dazed with astonishment. Just Send us 50 to 80 words of text (your script for video)
eacn online-marketing (approx 30 – 90 seconds - video time) and sit back to enjoy the wonder videos could bring to your business. We will include your logo, graphics, images and if you don't have images, with Extra Services Option, we will add  images with inspiration from your video script

. All these just for an affordable fee you will never imagine!  You will get a Video produced just like the SAMPLE Video below:
Please contact us first so we can evaluate your script before hand.
Each video includes up to 9 images and approximately 10 seconds per slide plus background music. If you wish to include your own music, or voice please see the listing for our extra services in our order form below and don´t forget to send them to us in mp3 format.
Once we get your script and your concept or ideas on how the video will look like we will send you immediately our quotes. If you plan longer  videos, please contact us first so we can evaluate your script before hand. Your finished Video will be sent to you in mp4 Format.



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