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Our video creation services will get your competitors dazed with astonishment. Just Send us 50 to 80 words of text (your script for video)
eacn online-marketing (approx 30 – 90 seconds - video time) and sit back to enjoy the wonder videos could bring to your business. We will include your logo, graphics, images and if you don't have images, with Extra Services Option, we will add  images with inspiration from your video script

Besides writing great press releases, our media professionals will write – branch relevant articles to help boost your online presence.

writing-for-youImportant points to Consider:Today one can outsource article marketing to a lot of freelancers but beware, if you don´t engage professionals to do this, you might be the loser in the end!

press-release-euroafricaLooking for a great professional  who understands what PR is all about, to write or re-write & fine-tune your Press Release? Then you ´re on the right page! You will get from us a 100% hand-written, PR from professional Journalists working in the best media organizations spread across 5 continents, willing & ready to combine their ideas and experience to work for you!!

Translations -
German or English. If you  need professional, high quality translations done by native speakers:Translation-Service euroafrica
Then, you are on the right page!!   Our priority is 100% client satisfaction! Our team are native speakers and professional translators of major European Languages. This means:  Your job will be done by a great translation team of 20 native Germans, 10 native English and 6 Americans

We will professionally transcribe and translate all handwritten texts in Sütterlin, Kurrent, Offenbacher or other  old German scripts
script-euroafrica5from the late 16th century. We will translate and transcribe of old German handwriting to contemporary German & to contemporary English.

We will Publish/submit your Press Release (world-wide) within 4 days. Besides
getting your PR in Top press release sites
world-wide.profile Euroafrica2
We  are specialised in European/African Media Publicity. We will give you over 15+ manually press release submissions. If you need more please contact us so we can add extra services for you.